Welcome to Kanto`S Guest House.

Do you need room just for sleep? If yes Kanto`S Guest House is the aswer. We provide clean accomodation with economical price.


Why our price is very cheap?

Our guest house is desinged for sleep experiance by using quality bed and linen. For keeping price low we dont provide any lesiure facilities such as restaurant, pool, etc. Maximixing room also our strategy, so customer will not find big lobby in our place. Keeping price low is our priority like our motto Sleep Well Pay Less ! 


Where to find some food?

As we dont have any restaurant and cafe, customer can grab some food and drink at our self service minibar which sell instant food and drink with affordable price. Kitchen also available at our place so customer can bring food and cook at our place. Restaurant and food stall including convinience store is located near by from our place.


Smoking or No Smoking?

All of our room is no smoking room. For smoking please go to our roof top area which we designed for smoking area.


Please aware our place dont have any elevator. We only provide stair.


Need help? Just contact us.

Kanto Guest House

Jalan Musi No 3.

Cideng - Tomang

Central Jakarta


Phone    : (+6221)3519416 .

Fax        : (+6221)3519417.

Email   :  kantoshouse@gmail.com

Our call center is operated beetween 9am to 8pm daily (GMT +7)

24 hour assistance please text (sms) to +6281808883839 (Text/SMS Only)